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What is De-Fi Apes?

$DAPES is the token of the De-Fi Apes, a group of long-time investors tired of seeing things they didn't like in tokens they invested in.

It was created using all the experience gathered as investors and entrepreneurs in the space and with a heavy focus on two things:

Community and Utility.

The community aspect is extremely important and De-Fi Apes have successfully managed to build a solid community of loyal holders that believe in the future of the project.

The utility aspect, is how everything is then tied together. The idea of De-Fi Apes is to create the first ecosystem of tokens and NFTs that benefits you more from holding than trading.

The team behind De-Fi Apes is an heterogeneous group of investors, creatives, marketers and blockchain developers.

Prior to founding De-Fi Apes and launching the $DAPES token they all spent a lot of time in the market and most of them have other successful ventures in the crypto world.

They came together for the De-Fi Apes project to create something that would allow them to feel safe investing in and didn't have all the things they didn't like about other crypto investments.

The $DAPES token was stealth launched, meaning that there was no marketing, no private sale tokens and no pre-sale tokens being given prior to launch.

Even the team had to buy at launch.

The team chose to create something so good that the community would have to come and adopt it themselves.

The unique idea behind De-Fi Apes is to create an ecosystem across multiple blockchains thay empowers investors with a solid option for their holdings over another token to trade and constantly worry about.

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