Dingo Retirement Coin

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What is Dingo Retirement Coin?


The Dingo is Australia's wild dog.

It is an ancient breed of domestic dog that was introduced to Australia, probably by Asian seafarers, about 4,000 years ago.

Its origins have been traced back to early breeds of domestic dogs in south east Asia.

How's a dingo different from other dogs? Compared to the wolf, the dingo possesses a paedomorphic cranium similar to domestic dogs.

However, the dingo has a larger brain size compared to other dogs ;)

While dingo refers to a wild dog, don't be fooled into believing that the Dingo Retirement Coin is a meme coin like doge coin or shiba inu.

Apologies if you got confused. Better yet, the Dingo Retirement coin cannot be compared to any coin or token currently in existence, with its unique

revolutionary features, which the world isn't even ready for yet.

In one sentence:

Dingo Retirement Coin (DICO) is a community-governed, autonomous multy source yield and reciprocity, investment protocol.

If that sentence alone doesn't excite you, nothing ever will.

Dingo's Unique features: Yield Reciprocity Protocol, Decentralised Enterprise Governance, Autonomous Enterprise Yield Protocol. You take full control over your financial future.

We are very proud of the fact that Dingo Retirement Coin is the first coin ever that offers a decentralised enterprise yield protocol. In short, this protocol

means that Businesses will be created with money from the investment wallet and run by Dingo investors. The profits from these businesses will be divided

among the Dingo governors. Who are the Dingo governors? YOU. That's right, you will have complete control over the Dingo enterprise and

all of it's revenue generating businesses at your fingertips. A decentralised exchange, E-commerce web shops, an NFT platform, online crypto casino,

Dingo Hotels and resorts, you create it together remotely

through the Dingo governance platform. And all the profits from these businesses will return to the pockets of the Dingo governors.

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Launched14 Jul 2021
Added14 Jul 2021