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What is Defender of Doge?

Defender Of Doge (Symbol DOD) is a BSC meme token that was launched on November 28th 2021.As a meme token Defender Of Doge was created to gain the trust throughout the crypto community as this will be a stepping stone to more projects from this team in the future.

Defender Of Doge has a unique feature when it comes to the buyback wallet. The difference between DOD and other projects is that when DOD does a buyback and burns it uses actual BNB to purchase the tokens first before the burn.This feature adds true stability to the project.

This project has built in anti whale functions to keep control of the token to everyday investors and eliminating the project from being manipulated by unfriendly whales.

The motto from the team at Defender Of Doge is this,

"Treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO"

A $10 holder of DOD is treated with the same respect as a $10,000 holder.

Defender Of Doge is set to burn 75% of the outstanding supply January 15th 2022.

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Market Cap›1.16% $270,453
USD Price$0.0000000045
Price Change 24h›1.16%
24h Low / 24h High$0.00000000451096988


Launched28 Nov 2021
Added23 Dec 2021