Dog Planet


What is Dog Planet?

This is a combined token and NFT project

NFTs are also tokens, so they have double interest for many: we like the art, and we like that they can be traded as tokens.

Creating NFTs and tokens hand in hand is about creating a good token and NFT journey for as many as possible.

This gives a many sided opportunity:

Trade only Dog Planet ERC20 tokens directly on DEX or CEX, you dont have to buy NFTs

Mint NFT, 70% of ETH paid to creator goes to buybacks or is added directly to DEX pool

Keep the NFT in your collection

List your NFT and sell it

Swap your NFT on Sudoswap to Dog Planet tokens, these can be sold on DEX or CEX

Swap your Dog Planet ERC20 tokens to NFTs and put in your collection

You can also stake your Dog Planet tokens in the staking pool on Pinksale.

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Launched26 Oct 2023
Added09 Nov 2023