Defi pool share

Presale Phase

What is Defi pool share?

First non-custodial lending/borrowing protocol built on the Ethereum network for liquidity positions that allows Liquidity Providers to lend their Uniswap V3 LP NFTs to interested borrowers mitigating the risks like impermanent loss and lp management. The dApp is live on Goerli testnet for you to try:

Public Sale will be live later this month ✅

TGE within 30 days 🔥

Working Product ✅

Fully Doxxed Team ✅

Smart Contracts Audited By SolidProof ✅

Rated Gold Tier Project by SolidProof ✅

UNCX (Previously Unicrypt) Incubation ✅

A Top 10 CEX Listing Confirmed within next 30 days ✅

Low Initial Market Cap at TGE ($340K>) ✅

Top Market Maker, GotBit ✅

100% of funds that will be raised on Unicrypt (ILO) will be locked into LP ✅

Participate in this round now to join in early on in our journey at a great discount! 🔶

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Launched07 Aug 2023
Added08 Aug 2023