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What is Uncle Duck?

Uncle Duck has made a triumphant return to the forefront of the internet, emerging from the depths of 4chan to revive the glory days of memecoins. The infamous Uncle Duck meme originated during the summer of 2010 and quickly spread like wildfire, captivating millions of people worldwide. The meme's appeal lay in Uncle Duck's unique blend of dark humor and a slightly risqué twist, which endeared him to his rapidly growing fan base.

However, as time passed, the Duck meme gradually faded away, leaving behind a void in the hearts of countless fans who longed for their beloved edgy-humored leader. But today, in a remarkable turn of events, Uncle Duck resurfaces from the vast expanse of the internet, rallying the duck army once more.

Uncle Duck has become crypto's beacon of joy and nostalgic humor, warmly welcoming anyone courageous enough to join his mission. With open arms, he aims to not only revive the memecoin community but also evolve and expand it through the humor and guidance of this esteemed leader—none other than Uncle Duck himself.

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Market Cap0.75% $428
USD Price$0.0000000042
Price Change 24h0.75%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000004218727186


Launched28 May 2023
Added28 May 2023