E-Rich Coin: Spiritual Coin for the 5th Dimension


E-Rich Coin: Spiritual Coin for the 5th Dimension to USD Chart

What is E-Rich Coin: Spiritual Coin for the 5th Dimension?

E-Rich Coin is a spiritually-themed digital currency grounded in the principles of the Fifth Dimension as elaborated by Kimberly Meredith. Designed on the ERC20 protocol, E-Rich Coin operates as a symbol of higher consciousness and spiritual evolution rather than a typical transactional currency.

The coin is part of a broader ecosystem that aims to foster a decentralized world, subtly empowering its holders and promoting inner energy level acceleration. E-Rich Coin is not just a coin, but a ticket to ascend into the 5th dimension where effortless manifestation, unconditional love, and unity are the new norms.

The project's journey is divided into three phases: 'Raise Your Vibration', 'Vibe High and HODL', and '5th Dimension Takeover', each carrying unique significance and aiming to lead to the development of a vibrant and awakened community.

A total supply of 210 billion tokens with 18 decimals exists, with 88% being sent to the liquidity pool, LP tokens being burnt, and the contract being renounced. The remaining 12% resides in a multi-sig wallet, intended to fund future centralized exchange listings, bridges, and additional liquidity pools, easily traceable via the ENS name "erichcoin.eth".

Despite the spiritual essence and grand vision of the E-Rich Coin, it should be noted that it is not intended for financial investment. Its value lies in the individual and collective spiritual awakening it fosters, not in financial returns.

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Market Cap›1.6% $30,702
USD Price$0.00000014
Price Change 1h‹0.07%
Price Change 24h›1.6%
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Launched22 Jul 2023
Added22 Jul 2023