Eurocryp Token

Binance Smart Chain

Eurocryp Token to USD Chart

What is Eurocryp Token?

ECT a token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain network, with a perfect combination of financial and social benefits that makes it very interesting for its investors. In addition, there is total transparency in the management of the project by its developers. The project is designed to distribute 6% of each transaction to the holders, another 6% goes directly to the liquidity fund and 5% that will be distributed in equal parts for social works around the world and marketing campaigns, Eurocryp Token will start a pilot donation scheme with charities in El Salvador and then spread around the world. The institutions that will receive the donations will be selected through a quarterly lottery, but they must first register on the Eurocryp Token website.

Another important feature that Eurocryp Token will have the possibility to offer investors to buy, sell and exchange their cryptocurrencies for Fiat money and vice versa.

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Launched02 Sep 2021
Added16 Sep 2021