Binance Smart Chain

What is EgonSwap?

Eagle Dex is all about offering Defi, Crypto Trading, Swap, Stake, Liquidity Pool, Crypto Farming, Crypto Lottery, Launchpad, Native Token, Governance Token, Crypto Passive Income.

All in a decentralized way using Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

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With the coming of EagleToken and native DEX token which will power the wallet app, swap, stake, and liquidity pool, members must follow up so no one misses out on this opportunity.

Eagle Network DEX Exchange is a community-driven decentralized crypto exchange designed for community growth and powered by the community.

1.5+ Million mining community of like-minded trailblazers supporting a better future never seen before in crypto history.

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Launched24 Sep 2021
Added22 Sep 2021