Ekta Coin

Binance Smart Chain

What is Ekta Coin?

One of the world’s first projects that is bridging the digital and physical — property-based NFTs and fractional access.

Ekta’s main vision is to empower users and communities to build a physical world with us, one that's centered around unity, entrepreneurship, and decentralization.

$EKTA lets you HODL and earn up to 431% APY easily, thanks to our automated staking reward system. 🚀

📈 What 431% APY means for you: If you hold 100 $EKTA tokens worth $180.95 at our IDO, in one year you'll own 531 $ETKA.

In this example, if our token remains the same price, your 531 $EKTA will be worth $960.80. If the tokens rise to, say, $10 in the same time frame, then your $EKTA will be worth $5,312.68, or 2936% of the initial purchase price.

🛠 Here's how it works: At launch, the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) only releases 15% of $EKTA's total supply onto the market.

The remaining 85% of tokens are released as staking rewards, and will gradually enter circulation over time.

The APY will slowly decrease as more tokens enter circulation, so get in early!

In this case, it pays (literally) to HODL $EKTA.

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Launched27 Jul 2021
Added11 Aug 2021