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What is Elancer?

At Elancer, we are pioneering the future of freelancing through blockchain technology. Founded in 2022, we set out with a mission to create a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for freelancers and clients worldwide.

Leveraging blockchain technology to handle issues like dispute settlement and unilateral account suspension, as well as a fair review system, allows employers to give feedback and rate the work carried out by freelancers, and gives freelancers the chance to show off their customer satisfaction.

With unmatched ease of use and security in the freelancing space, the Elancer.io vision will enable growth within the freelance economy by making it more accessible, efficient, and fair. Become a part of the future of freelance today!

Our vision is to enable the growth of the freelance economy by making it more efficient and fair, leveraging the latest developments in blockchain technology.

Blockchain-Backed Security Smart Contract Escrow Immutable Transaction Records Blockchain-Verified Work Logs Low Transaction Fees Fast Payment Processing Blockchain-Verified Credentials Digital Identity Security

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Presale on PinkSale
Presale on PinkSale
08 Nov 2023
10 Nov 2023
StatusFinished 21 days ago
Duration2 days
TypeFair launch
Soft Cap10 BNB


Launched08 Nov 2023
Added27 Oct 2023