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BluesBrothers to USD Chart

What is BluesBrothers?

Jake and Elwood tokens are the dynamic memetokens inspired by the iconic Blues Brothers. With their unique burning mechanism, these tokens create a symbiotic relationship, driving scarcity and value for both. Each transaction with Jake token burns a portion of Elwood tokens, while Elwood token burns a fraction of Jake tokens, fostering interdependence and community growth. The tokens offer an exciting investment opportunity, where their value is fueled by the synergy between them. Join the Blues Brothers-inspired community and experience the power of burns as Jake and Elwood tokens rock the crypto world. Don't miss out on the revolution - grab your tokens today and be part of the memetoken phenomenon!

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Market Cap›0.55% $125
USD Price$0.00015
Price Change 1h›0.34%
Price Change 24h›0.55%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000152373193741427


Launched02 Jun 2023
Added05 Jun 2023