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What is EPSILON?

Epsilon is one platform with many DeFi innovations & features Like Upgradable smart contract, Governance, True Anti-Whale, Anti PumpNDump, Buyback , Strong Eco-System and a lot other. All This together gives you enormous returns with security on investments.

Epsilon has raised the bar of the standards of DeFi tokenomics & features with its innovative Upgradability, Governance, Business Level Strong ECO-System, True Anti-Whale, Anti PumpNDump and Buyback & Burn features & Innovations.

Innovations by EPSILON

At EPSILON we have done some innovations using our cutting edge technology. which will revolutionize the blockchain industry forever.

UPGRADABILITY : Upgradable Smart Contract (1st of its Kind)

ECO SYSTEM: Business Level ECO-System

DualMode BUYBACK & BURN: Auto & manual (Governance Controlled)

Auto LP Lock: Auto Liqudity Lock Protocol

ANTI Pump-N-Dump

GOVERNANCE: Innovative Governance Feature & Functions (Governance Controlled & managed) *Governance is the Community / Holders.

Launched on both (Binance & Ethereum Networks)

Epsilon Coin Contract is securely designed to collect 17% in fees from all Buy & Sell Transactions and are distributed in BNB as follows:

8% for Buyback & Burn to keep the price afloat. (THE BEAST)

4% for project sustainability, enhancements, operations & marketing (ECOSYSTEM)

2% for team considering a full time working & increasing the size of it with the projects (OPERATIONS)

2% goes back to Liquidity Pool.

1% HODL Rewards to Holder.

The EPSILON buyback & Burn, also known as "The Beast"

is funded by the buyback fee on every Buy & Sell.

The tokens collected from the fees are converted into BNB & securely locked and stored in the EPSILON's contract.

We call that as "The beast's Cave".

Since The BNB's are stored in contract itself and is coded.

So, The BNB in "The Beast's Cave" cannot be withdrawn & can only be utilized to buyback $EPS coins from the market and burn them instantly.

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