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What is EXZO Network?

🔥Exzo Network is a lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain enabling users and developers to build EVM compatible decentralized apps, games, DeFi protocol's, and scaling solutions.🔥

🔹Exzo Network is

🔸 Cross-chain interoperable

🔸 Decentralized

🔸 Eco-friendly

🔸 open-source

🔸 Permissionless

🔹Core Focus

🔸 Scale Web3 adoption and security

🔸 Foster participation and growth

🔸 Encourage application development

🔸 Cultivate a strong developer ecosystem

🔰Node Validator Incentives🔰

XZO transaction emissions are distributed as incentives for securing and scaling the network. These incentives go directly to node validators to encourage competition, and improve the health of the Exzo Network ecosystem.

🌐 Website: https://exszo.com/

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/exszonetwork

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Launched03 Feb 2023
Added03 Feb 2023