FiskPay token


What is FiskPay token?

FiskPay - A No-KYC Cryptocurrency Payments Gateway

We have built a no-KYC cryptocurrency payment gateway in the Polygon network which automates payments. We eye for payments in the blockchain and when a payment is found we send you an instant payment notification (IPN).

We support fiat to crypto conversions, meaning your customers can input/select a Fiat amount to pay, and we will automatically convert it in the selected token. In example, if you want to be paid in MATIC that has a fiat value of 10 dollars, you just insert "usd-10".

We integrate more than 160 Fiat currencies to convert from and we currently support Fisk, MATIC, USDT, USDC, agEUR tokens. ​​​​​​​Paying in Fisk has a 0.9% transaction fee, while MATIC and every other 3rd party token has a 1.3% fee and a 1.8% fee respectably.

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Launched05 Oct 2022
Added05 Oct 2022