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Email: [email protected]

Contract : Mike Jones

Country Of Origin: UK

Launch Date: April 15, 2023

Logo Link: https://flokiai.world/assets/images/floki_ai_logo_32x32.png

Website Link: https://flokiai.world

Description: FLOKI AI is an innovative and ambitious blockchain project that combines the popular culture of meme tokens with the advanced technology of artificial intelligence. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, FLOKI AI is pioneering the utilization of AI in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

The project’s primary aim is to provide a platform for developers and technology enthusiasts to engage with AI, leveraging its capabilities for various real-world applications. This includes machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics, AI-powered trading bots, AI-driven market trend analysis, and much more.

Furthermore, FLOKI AI is focused on fostering an interactive and dynamic community. With plans for comprehensive learning resources, engagement initiatives, and rewards for token holders, FLOKI AI is committed to democratizing access to AI technology while driving the meme token concept to the next level.

FLOKI AI's token, which bears the same name, facilitates all transactions within the ecosystem and incentivizes user participation. The project’s strategic roadmap outlines continuous development, including partnerships with leading AI firms, tech startups, and educational institutions.

In conclusion, FLOKI AI is not just another meme token, but a promising project that marries fun with functionality, striving to shape the future of AI interaction and its applications in the blockchain space.

Bsc - Contract - 0x29B5e79C57b60176a11350468256b6d5EDF95846

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Market Cap0.05% $900
USD Price$0.0000000000000021
Price Change 1h0.09%
Price Change 24h0.05%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000000002129


Launched15 Apr 2023
Added11 Jun 2023