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What is GoldBrick?

GoldBrick is designed to become the reference currency of the State1 metaverse. Our currency’s purpose is to serve as a utility token, allowing users to employ it throughout the entire ecosystem for daily actions, purchasing land, and buying services in both online and offline stores. We aim to create a currency that stands apart from those existing today, making it a medium of exchange for the entire State1 ecosystem and enabling merchants to adopt it easily without entry or exit fees, not only in the metaverse but also for online purchases and in physical stores.

State1 has created the business metaverse where anything is possible! We are working to offer an unparalleled experience to our users. Unlike many other metaverses, State1 is a business-focused metaverse, it will therefore be a large "trading place" for goods and services, in which commercial activities will dominate and the world of commerce will have a huge impact from all this.

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