What is GoNFTY?

A multi-chain Metaverse Engine, empowering anyone to create metaverses and blockchain-based games. Our metaverse engine will be integrated with our very own on-chain gaming metaverse ('GONFTY World'), which will house a suite of high-quality blockchain games for our end-users to navigate and play.

Our users can use our tooling to create their own metaverse / games / NFTs / etc. and/or plug their game into our own metaverse. Tiles of land will be available to third parties, including games, and will act as a gateway or portal into the respective gaming application.

We are positioning our metaverse engine to be the ‘WordPress’ for metaverses, and subsequently our own metaverse to be the ‘Netflix’ for blockchain gaming. We will launch several games in our metaverse, including FPS and MMORPG games.

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Launched14 Jun 2023
Added14 Jun 2023