What is GravityBNB?

Welcome to the BNBGravity community!

BNBGRV is a hybrid token that combines automatic price increases through rebases and automatic hourly BNB airdrops!

That's right, price goes up while BNB is sent to your wallet through the contract automatically!


1 Trillion Tokens

60% Initial Burn

4.99% Marketing Wallet (no marketing tax!)

15% Transaction Tax (10% BNB rewards, 2.5% LP, 2.5% buyback+burn)

BNBRises = GravityBNB's Automatic Price Boosting

The price of GRVBNB is programmed to automatically rise through negative rebasing. Price gradually increases by 13.37% every 8 hours

until the price of $1000/token is reached.

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Launched11 Sep 2022
Added10 Sep 2022