Heroes Land

Binance Smart Chain
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What is Heroes Land?

⚔️Heroes Land is a game that combines an entertaining Match-3 puzzle and the typical antagonistic properties of the RPG genre based on blockchain technology. One of Heroes Land's goals is to create a balance between traditional gameplay and "Play to Earn" that helps players both entertain and generate income.⚔️

HALA is our main in-game token, which can be earned by winning the battles, and taking part in many other activities in the game.


🔹Token Symbol - HALA

🔹Binance Smart Chain

🔹Total Supply - 1 000 000 000

🔹Foundation - 10%

🔹Team - 15%

🔹Advisor - 4%

🔹Game Reward - 30%

🔹Marketing - 14%

🔹Private Sale - 9%

🔹Public Sale - 3%

🔹Seed Sale - 3%

🔹Reserve - 10%

🔹Liquidity - 2%

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Launched24 Mar 2022
Added24 Mar 2022