What is HeroesBattleArena?

Multichain Play-to-earn Strategic RPG with zero start investments based on NFTs for army, magic stones, gods and guilds power.

Well known problem of P2E games is the need for significant initial investment.

Our game solves this problem with free initial units, low-cost entry payment and a large base of opportunities to increase own income.

Our game is based on interaction with NFTs, allowing us to connect the additional project to our game and connect many blockchains as well. There are 3 types of assets in our game: battle units, magic stones and gods.

The gameplay of our game is based on two types of battles: standard and premium. In standard battle, users can set the army on the battleground and look at how to work the auto-battle system. In premium type users get full control of each step in each battle.

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Launched07 Dec 2022
Added06 Nov 2022