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What is PolyHeat Finance?

We want a yield farm that’s built to last — and not just last for the weekend.

To do that, we’re going back to the basics.

We believe that when the supply of tokens available is low AND emissions are low too, our yield farm would be more likely to succeed.

Low supply ➡️ We want to ensure that our tokens maintain their rarity in the market and provides a medium-term time frame for investors to store their assets confidently while enjoying their rewards. Having a high maximum supply would, in our opinion, lead to an early death for the token AND the yield farm.

Low emissions ➡️ By emitting low amount of tokens in the market, we are minimising the inflationary nature of our token and ensures that the price will not experience sharp drops over time.

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Launched13 Jul 2021
Added20 Jul 2021