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What is Help Ukraine?

You can use cryptocurrency to help the Ukrainian💙💛

📌🆘Bitcoin Wallet: bc1quecq8fzwjhdczydrkjmen8nyjyayt35senzesv

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Millions of people in Ukraine are facing an imminent humanitarian crisis. They are in urgent need of medical supplies and relief as they face the prospect of renewed conflict. Please help them now.

A further Russian invasion will be catastrophic for the civilian population. The elderly, vulnerable, children and families are at risk of losing their homes and access to medical and other vital services. The psychological trauma of war will affect generations.

We are working with accredited and registered Ukrainian charities to provide medicines, food and critical services to support the most vulnerable to overcome the consequences and trauma of war.

Your donation will be used to fund immediate emergency and ongoing needs

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Launched22 Feb 2022
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