High Pepe

Presale Phase

What is High Pepe?

Introducing High Pepe, the chillest and most laid-back meme coin on the block! Imagine the iconic Pepe, but now with red eyes, puffing on some premium green, and spreading positive vibes all around the crypto space.


High Pepe emerges as the coolest Pepe, capturing the attention of investors who witnessed the phenomenal success of Pepe, which recently soared to a 1 billion market cap. With a playful twist on the iconic Pepe meme, High Pepe is ready to become the next sensation in the meme coin world. In a market flooded with countless Inu-inspired coins, High Pepe is here to redefine the meme coin scene and bring the fun back. Prepare to ride the wave of the next big pump with the most laid-back and entertaining Pepe around!

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Launched25 May 2023
Added13 May 2023