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What is Hikikomori?

HIKI is an 'Awareness Token' that aims to uplift those who have withdrawn from society and help them reconnect and find purpose.

Translated from Japanese to English, hikikomori means "pulling inward" or "being confined." Other labels include NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), recluse, shut-in and hermit.

While the degree of the phenomenon varies on an individual basis, in the most extreme cases, some people remain in isolation for years or even decades. Often hikikomori start out as school refusers, or futōkō (不登校) in Japanese (an older term is tōkōkyohi (登校拒否)).

Hikikomori has been defined by a Japanese expert group as having the following characteristics:

• Spending most of the time at home

• No interest in going to school or working

• Persistence of withdrawal for more than 6 months

It is our goal to help bring awareness to this situation and hopefully make others feel a bit more empathetic towards these individuals.

• Total supply: 1,000,000

• Ownership renounced

• Only 49,500 (4.95%) sent to developer wallet

• HIKI/WBNB paired on PancakeSwap

• LP locked for 365 days immediately after launch

• Website, white paper & roadmap

• Active social media accounts

• Great community that cares about the project's vision

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