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What is HospoWise?

What is HospoWIse ($HOSPO)?

HospoWise’s mission is to revolutionize the hospitality industry by simplifying operations for business owners.HospoWise is currently working on a number of projects. The first stage entails creating and deploying its own ERC20 token.HospoWise will launch its first utility for the food and beverage industry in Phase 1. The food and beverage sector, which includes cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and pubs, is the largest in the hospitality industry.

Who are the founders of HospoWise?

Jo-Rémi Saada's concept dates back to November 2019. He noticed a general sense of dissatisfaction among hospitality workers. They were upset because large corporations (booking, delivery, etc.) charged 20-30% commission fees on their salaries.

The HospoWise founding team comprises four people.

* ⁃ Jo-Rémi Saada, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

* ⁃ Sébastien Parry-Riotte, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

* ⁃ Quinton Rusinski, CPO (Chief Partnership Officer)

* ⁃ Rodolphe Gay, CCO (Chief Customer Officer)

How many HospoWise ($HOSPO) tokens are there in circulation?

The maximum supply of HospoWise ($HOSPO) is 22,000,000,000,001. (Twenty-Two Trillion and One). Furthermore, 3.5 percent of every transaction is deducted from the team wallet.

The wallet address is available on their website. In addition, for the sake of transparency, HospoWise will provide a financial report every four months. There is an anti-whale feature in HospoWise's smart contract, with a limit of 20ETH sold per day per wallet.

How is HospoWise secured?

CyberScope is auditing and KYCing the smart contract as well as the project's developer.

Their smart contract will be renounced, and their liquidity on UniSwap will be frozen for three years.

What makes HospoWIse Unique?

One of the world's largest industries is the hospitality industry. However, it hasn't been brought up to date in a long time. HospoWise focuses on a specific industry where issues remain unresolved. HospoWise LLC (file pending) is the creator of the application Harmonize. Harmonize has patient pending technology that will be developed by the best application developers.

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