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What is Hippopotamus token?

What is HPO Token?

HPO (Hippopotamus Token) is the utility token of the Hippo Wallet application. It will fuel the products and services accessible to the app.

HPO Token Utilities

🔸Buying or Selling Cryptocurrencies on Exchange.

NOTE: The transaction fees will be paid using HPO.

🔸Governance: The Hippo Wallet team will submit new feature proposals to our token holders for voting.

🔸Staking Rewards: Users who stake tokens will get their rewards in HPO.

🔸Swap: HPO can also be swapped against any other cryptocurrencies using Riverex.



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Market Cap0.4% $48,535,991
USD Price$0.0048
Price Change 1h0.65%
Price Change 24h0.4%
24h Low / 24h High$0.004745043531397658


Launched02 Feb 2023
Added24 Feb 2023