Binance Smart Chain

IBStoken to USD Chart

What is IBStoken?

IBS Token is a Multi Utility Token Based On Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

• IBS is working with a unique model that allows consumers to use the cloud-based services to develop, use and host their blockchain apps, functions and smart contracts. In a nutshell, they provide full-fledged blockchain platforms that ease the development process. We are acting as a bridge between enterprise companies and enterprise blockchain platforms. Though these platforms provide a generalised version of the blockchain technology, not all organisations can integrate them into their business solutions. Some enterprises might require privacy; some might not. Using the platform to build blockchain solutions with their own development team could not be an ideal solution. Developers who have never worked with blockchain technology or platforms may leave a lot of security holes, and in return, it will harm the company itself.You should always approach blockchain experts before planning to implement blockchain within the business ecosystem.

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