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What is Jedi Doge Coin?

Introducing Jedi Doge Coin (JEDI) 🚀

Embark on a thrilling crypto journey with Jedi Doge Coin, a revolutionary digital currency that merges the magic of blockchain technology with the wisdom of the ancient Jedi order. Just like the Jedi, who use their mastery of the Force for good, Jedi Doge Coin empowers holders with the potential for financial growth and positive impact.

Pre Sale Fair Launch

Presale Address 0x6A144ff5a68a8af74D78cE0A0FF8d422EA38Eb58

Token Name Jedi Doge Coin

Token Symbol JEDI

Token Decimals 9

Token Address 0x632e27143De8b3997f00718CD1161d88d084034B

BNB chain token

Total Supply 9,500,000,000 JEDI

Tokens For Presale 2,000,000,000 JEDI

Tokens For Liquidity 1,176,000,000 JEDI

Soft Cap 10 BNB

Listing On Pancakeswap

Liquidity Percent 60%

Liquidity Lockup Time 365 days after pool ends

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Launched25 Aug 2023
Added17 Aug 2023