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Jellyfish to USD Chart

What is Jellyfish?


What's this?

A token which caps the max sell amount in terms of bnb. Usual "anti-dump" tokens cap the sells in terms of the token itself. That isn't much useful when the coin moons cos the value of the tokens have increased. Dumping even a small amount can get big amount of bnb out from the liquidity pool. That's what Jellyfish tries to fix. It caps the sells in terms of bnb which means there won't ever be a sell of more than x bnb.

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Market Cap0.76% $190
USD Price$1.9040822154578145
Price Change 1h0.03%
Price Change 24h0.76%
24h Low / 24h High$1.8726979100955832


Launched04 Jul 2021
Added04 Jul 2021