Kardash Coin

Presale Phase

What is Kardash Coin?

Welcome to Kardash Coin ($KDASH)!

Invest in $KDASH, kill the market and get away with it!


The worlds first decentralised litigation funding token which rewards its holders from upfront interest payments paid by law firms.

Presale (Max 2 BNB buy in)

Public launch at 2000 - 4000 BNB

Anti bot measures

Anti rug pull mechanics in place!

Anti whale

Our team includes:-

8 world class devs

40 more on dev team

4 marketing experts

6 operations

4 funding and finance

The litigation funding market is worth a staggering $13B annually and we are on a mission to take over the action and provide law firms with funding via decentralised tokens.

Here’s how it works:-

We are deploying 100,000,000,000 (100B) BEP20 tokens onto the blockchain.

20% presale (whitelist)

55% liquidity pool (Locked - Cake LP)

5% marketing wallet & dev wallet

20% locked for future exchanges (alt coin here we come!)

20% upfront interest paid by law firms distributed to holders in BNB!

Moon Token!

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Launched01 Sep 2021
Added17 Jul 2021