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What is Kouta Kun Inu?

Kouta Kun Is a reflection and rewards token. Our main goal is to bring trust and confidence on BSC space. We are going to be a stable token and also a trust checker in the space. All the utilities before being a token:

-Jeet Jail system

-Anti bot

-Diamond locker

-5K 3D nft collection

-8% Bnb auto rewards

-Nft marketplace

-Revolution products marketplace

-ETH bridge

-Real life businesses partnerships

-Auto Burn

We are going to be partners of communities, not callers. The revolution idea is the key to change this seriousless BSC space. Our logo will be painted around the world, big community contests will bring people to make videos while painting our logos.

Our dream is to open a crypto school in Italy to bring more people and companies in the blockchain.

We are not just a token, we are a company, a movement, a community of pioneers that will change the rules.

Revolution is loading…. Join the rebels.

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Launched14 Oct 2022
Added11 Oct 2022