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What is Kitty Cat?

Kitty Cat is a digital currency on the internet that aims to teach people about understanding and adopting cryptocurrencies.

By introducing the world to cryptocurrencies in a light, fun and less serious manner, we believe more people can begin to learn more about this new and exciting type of financial system.

What is the Utility/Use Case for Kitty Cat?

We believe the use case for Kitty Cat lies in the strength of its community that believes in the social consensus of shared value. This is what has taken the likes of Doge and Shiba Inu to billions of dollars in the market value.

Who owns Kitty Cat?

Ownership is collectively owned by the community.

There is no CEO, no VC or board members pulling the strings in the background. For this reason, no wallet has more than 5% of the token. Funding or contributions are voluntary and ultimately the community gets to decide the future of the project.

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Market Cap›1.98% $1,044
USD Price$0.0000000000010
Price Change 1h›0.2%
Price Change 24h›1.98%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000001037291


Launched19 Jul 2023
Added16 Jul 2023