Name: Lavandos

Ticker: LAVE

ADRESS: EQBl3gg6AAdjgjO2ZoNU5Q5EzUIl8XMNZrix8Z5dJmkHUfxI



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China: @lave_china

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LAVE is an altcoin on the TON network. It’s a truly decentralized token.

The DeFi community needs an example of a decentralized and distributed cryptocurrency with a low-cost measure of value. In this way, we will speed up people's learning to use DeFi. Someone would have ideally suited the TON token for this.

As a result, I distributed LAVE cryptocurrency across the TON network, so that at least 15,000 active TON addresses will be distributed in the final 73.4%. This will require spending at least 900 TON-coin. The remaining 26.6% will develop the LAVE token. As a result, the community will have a decentralized, distributed cryptocurrency. The maximum distributed token will not have the risks that FTT had, for example.

We eliminate the dangers of strong manipulation. LAVE is needed as an example of a distributed currency and as proof of the thesis.

Observing other tokens, I found that very few people use DEX. After giving LAVE away a huge audience of the most active TON users, we will bring many users to DEX. With the coins available, they will quickly learn how to use and apply them in various areas of DEFI at the very beginning of its development path. By distributing LAVE tokens to the masses, we will bring them to DEFI faster.

At the moment, the number of holders is 22,000.

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Launched14 Jul 2023
Added14 Jul 2023