Little Doge Cake

Binance Smart Chain
Ownership is Renounced

Little Doge Cake to USD Chart

What is Little Doge Cake?

Little Doge Cake started as a test contract to test auto-dividend paying rewards. It quickly took off and the result is .. a meme token that’s looking to go to the moon.

Holding Little Doge Cake is the name of the game and the longer you hold, the more CAKE tokens you will earn as a result! Dividends are paid roughly 60 minutes after your first purchase, depending on transaction volume.

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Market Cap0.24% $1,705
USD Price$0.0000000035
Price Change 24h0.24%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000003530277203


Launched20 Jul 2021
Added23 Jul 2021