Locked Monster

Binance Smart Chain

Locked Monster to USD Chart

What is Locked Monster?

The Lock-to-Earn protocol with the best Anti-Dump Mechanism to protect your investment

as you cash in on a super-high APY. Locked Monster is the greatest Autostaking & Compounding token

with a Fixed APY 507,334.0%. $LM protects you from Pump And Dumps that plague small-cap

projects while still giving you super-high daily compounding interest rate. Massive Marketing with Top KOLs,

Influencers, Celebrities on board.

Locked Monster Has The Best Anti-Dump Mechanism In the World When whales dump

huge amounts of coins, your investment rapidly crashes down, but with Locked

Monster, we’ve finally solved this problem. $LM is different than every other

crypto token because of our Slow Sell System. This creates a scenario where

everyone can win.

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Launched18 Jun 2022
Added26 May 2022