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LudicrousSwap to USD Chart

What is LudicrousSwap?


The New Standard

in Data Analysis With the Fastest and Cheapest Exchange Fees for Crypto.

With a Possible NFT twist.

----------Project Details----------


🖥 Official Website:


💴 BSC Contract Address: 0x1BdA825af849afd9dD0be7f4E14116C4D90F8849

📈 Price Chart:

----------About $QFT----------

❤️ Eco Friendly

💻 Ludicrous Exchange Speed

🔓 1 Dev Wallet

🔥 LP Burned

📰 Ownership Renounced after swap

🍰 Available on PancakeSwap (BSC)

💸 Stop Paying Crazy Money in Fees

----------HOW TO BUY $LSP----------

1. Download TrustWallet

2. Add BNB

3. Swap BNB for Smart Chain (bsc)

4. Go PancakeSwap (v2)

5. Add contract address (0x1BdA825af849afd9dD0be7f4E14116C4D90F8849)

6. Swap Smart Chain for $LSP (Set Slippage to 5% to 15% depending on amount of transactions)



1: When ICO Sir? when Moon?

- We Running a 4 Week Fair Launch while Our own Swap Exchange gets finalized.

Moon really depends on your Hodl power

2: when cmc, Coingecko ?

-Takes a couple of weeks to get listed on them places and you most have a good amount of holders also and a healthy chart. please be patient.

3: What's your Marketing Plans?

-We plan for the first week of this project to get listed on small listings websites like: Coinvote, coinhunt, coinsniper, freshcoins, coinhunters, rugfreecoins, e.t.c And of course make our way to the top with the help of a shilling team we already hired.

We will also run Daily posts all over reddit, over 30 crypto-related subreddits especially CMS where we already have the approval of one of the Mod's to post and the post will go on the front page.

To finalize our week we will join SatoshiBets poll for their Monday CMS post, our shilling team can also assure us the win [BOT FREE] also confirmed and paid.

4: How will you verify the project?

- we will use Blockfolio for that, it will take about 10 days to finalize the API and we also have confirmation from Kurst and Karl [blockfolio admins] that they will list our token once we get that done.

So our plan is pretty simple and effective,

-hard work for 1 week

-blockfolio and full verification on the second week

-cmc and coingecko on the 3rth one

-the release of our own App wallet and Exchange Swap on the 4rth week and

that's when we plan to Renounce ownership of the Token Contract.

Thanks for Joining and we Hope you become a long term member.

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Launched14 Jun 2021
Added15 Jun 2021