Lure Me

Binance Smart Chain

What is Lure Me?

LURE ME is an NFT-marketplace focused on the following targeting groups:

Models as well as porn actresses as creators of unique content;

Their subscribers and fans as consumers of this content;

Modelling agencies and individual clients interacting with the authors on our platform.

LURE ME offers a user-friendly platform with at least two main functions.

The first one is the possibility to create “private” content to your fans and to sell it on the platform. Content is presented as an NFT, which may contain one image or video at the author’s discretion, as well as any kind of other additional information, offering or service. It worth noting that at well-known social networking services (e.g., OnlyFans, Twitch, TikTok) it is not possible to create something “private”, since the content is made for and distributed among the large group of author’s subscribers. In contrast, the content, which is presented as an NFT, is unique by its construction and targets to one particular person who will buy it.

The second one is the possibility to make direct contacts with modelling agencies or individual clients, which can result in safe contracts with them. This safety is ensured by the use of smart-contracts. LURE ME is the reliable freelance-shelter for models.

LURE ME is the crypto-project having its own cryptocurrency. Main transactions (selling, buying, etc) on the platform are performed using LUR token, which is a part of Binance Smart Chain.

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Launched26 Jul 2022
Added07 Jul 2022