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What is M4SPORE?

Doxxed Team building / art creation, lore and development

NVC Media creates the highest quality 3D artwork within the space and an imagination that brings a warrior rabbit to life. M4 is more than an art piece, we have a 3 person team of science fiction script writers that will give M4 and his legion soul, meaning and intrigue. This saga will be book worthy!

Parallel Shift developers design contracts for everything M4. Over 20 years of development, coding and game development experience will ensure your transactions on the blockchain are not only efficient but secure. Now, our solid foundation is built and ready to grow.

Secure a partnership with Wenmint launchpad.

M4s partnership with Wenmint will give our community confidence that not only are we doing everything possible to execute a smooth launch but give a piece of mind that we are launching through a Partner that has launched many successful projects in the past.

Fully funded project for the remainder of 2022 means we move forward no matter what! Genesis Mint of M4 and his faction rabbits. Staking begins, token presales and gaming.

In Short: An Amazing art 3D NFT collection from our Partners at NVC Media Inc. Accompanied by an ongoing science-fiction story, written by a team of professional script and story writers. With a Sell out bringing more than $350,000 dollars of incentives to the M4Rabbit NFT Holders, We are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship together.

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Launched15 Sep 2022
Added16 Sep 2022