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What is MaidDoge?


The sexiest golden dog in August-MaidDoge


In order to realize that $Maid contributes more benefits to token holders, we adopt the most successful method in the market:

Profiteering: 7% transaction tax is distributed to currency holders in the form of BUSD.

Growth: Dev completes more MaidNFTs, and sales revenue is used to buy back Maid tokens.

Fairness: Maid tokens are sold fairly in Dxsale (the code is open source).

Security: Pre-sale liquidity is locked by DxSale for 3 months.

Maid maximum supply = 100,000,000,000 (100 billion/100%) $Maid

-7% of dividend holders after going to the Vault

-2% to repurchase the robot

-3% marketing

Vault mapping dividend asset: $BUSD

Vault accumulates to 5 million tokens to trigger a dividend contract (no time limit)

Vault automatically distributes $BUSD in proportion to its holdings

✅ Vault uses the "0" cost of the mapping contract to continue to make huge profits and dividends.

✅ Anti-whale, leading robot setting.

✅ A strategic team with independent development, professional marketing, and continuous value creation.

✅ Based on the MaidNFTs scenario, create a closed-loop ecosystem that integrates creation, sales, and repurchase of Maid.

✅ Continuous marketing budget + execution strategy.

✅ Perpetual dividends, high stickiness, high frequency trading, high consensus, high returns.

✅ Liquidity increases and is locked.

Token name: Maid

Exchange: PancakeSwap/DX

Is there any pre-sale/airdrop: Yes.

Soft cap: 300

Hard cap: 600

Time: 12,000 people started the telegram

Token distribution:

Pre-sale 50%

PancakeSwap/DX 42%

Technology development (MaidNFTs ecology) 8%

Whitelist: to be opened

Pre-sale address: to be opened

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Launched16 Aug 2021
Added09 Aug 2021