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What is MetaSimpsons?

MetaSimpsons-Powered by #AnimocaBRANDS

Partnership with #TheSandboxGame

In #SandBoxGame, MetaSimpsons bought a land of 12x12parcel size, neighboring giants like ATARI and COSMIC. This shows that MetaSimpsons game is long-term and has a great future planned for the metaverse..

#MetaSimpsons, the fun virtual reality game allowing you to #earn and #live online.

With #MetaSimpsons you really can take the reality of living and dreaming into a virtual world. Where all aspects are created, designed, and perfected by you.

Starting with player skills and characteristics, this will give you an online fresh start where you choose your path of success within the MetaSimpsons world.

MetaSimpsons Game Summary ;

MetaSimpsons #Characters ; Each player will create their own #identity with specific characteristics, #skills and attributes.

These chosen skills will allow you to browse the MetaSimpsons in-game world to complete different daily tasks for fun!

MetaSimpsons #Assets ; Like any real world, once you earn your #MetaSimpsons you can exchange them for realtime in game assets.

Upgrade and be the first to own an array of attributes such as #jewellery, #houses, #cars and even pets. All will be delivered and claimed through in game #marketplace NFT upgrades

MetaSimpsons #City ;In the game our first city will be designed for in game player interaction, with #tasks, #skills and #games.

The more successfull you are at completeing such interactions the more you are rewarded.

MetaSimpsons #Marketplace ; Game items could both be traded through the in-game #marketplace and also the NFT marketplaces on other blockchains.

It creates #liquidity for the assets created through the game and also encourages more players to participate in building the the MetaSimpsons world.

MetaSimpsons #Reflections

Earn $METAS by just holding #MetaSimpsons in your wallet. 2% of every buy and sell transaction is distributed to #MetaSimpsons holders.

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Launched26 Feb 2022
Added26 Feb 2022