Milk Cow


What is Milk Cow?

Milk Cow is a BakedBeans fork on FTM with innovative tweaks. It provides 8% daily return with every FTM deposit into the protocol.

Mankind has run dry of milk with the sudden disappearance of the cows. Unbeknownst to everyone, the cows have been brought to a secret dimension for farming purposes. Now you have discovered this secret dimension and you have the chance of becoming wealthier and healthier with access to the cows and the milk.

In this modern day farming project, you will be able to deposit FTM into Milk Cow to gain a number of cows. You will then be able to farm and milk your riches with your cows. To keep this dimension continuously running and the cows alive, we need more and more ethical farmers.

Come join us.

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Launched24 Apr 2022
Added20 Apr 2022