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What is Mini Shia?

Introducing $MINISHIA – a revolution in the crypto world that transcends the boundaries of traditional meme coins. Prepare to be captivated by Mini Shia, the very first MEME coin that not only boasts unprecedented utility but also introduces an entire universe of interconnected games, all powered by a single, dynamic token.

What sets Mini Shia apart is its visionary approach to merging the realms of blockchain technology and gaming. Imagine a constellation of engaging games, all interwoven through the common thread of $MINISHIA, creating an ecosystem that's as dynamic as it is entertaining. Whether you're exploring uncharted territories, competing in thrilling challenges, or collaborating with fellow enthusiasts, Mini Shia's games offer an immersive experience that transcends the limits of mere entertainment.

But Mini Shia isn't just about games; $MINISHIA is on a mission to amplify the community's strength and unity. By weaving innovation and utility together transforming it into a thriving Mini Shia Metaverse.

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Market Cap3.56% $18,574
USD Price$0.0000061
Price Change 1h0.03%
Price Change 24h3.56%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000006188436508231


Launched03 Sep 2023
Added29 Aug 2023