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What is Mini Shiba Inu?

Mini Shiba story

Legends say that Mini Shiba is the son of Shiba Inu..

He was the runt of the litter and is now lost and has been fending for himself against the perilous dangers of the world.

What Mini Shiba lacks in size he makes up for in fearlessness and heart 🐾

MiniShiba is built by a strong team of crypto experts that aim to build a sustainable, long term token bringing innovative ideas into the crypto space. In addition, we focus on building a strong community of investors that are in it for the long run.

Join MiniShiba now and become part of this revolution. We believe “Shiba Inu” to be the best of breed in the small to mid-cap cryptocurrency space and the natural evolution in the meteoric rise of the SHIBA TOKEN story.

Well, he was bound to have a litter at some point, wasn't he? The strength of 'Mini Shiba Inu' lies in its bloodlines, as we have integrated some of the key DNA from other major coins into our original cryptocurrency token. These initial features include a hyper-deflationary token incorporating autonomous yield and liquidity generation and a fixed supply of tokens that can never be increased, thus protecting the price from any detrimental dilutionary event over the token's lifetime.

Join our community and help us bring him to the Moon so he can reunite with his Father! 🌙

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Market Cap4.03% $352,561
USD Price$0.00000000041
Price Change 1h0.43%
Price Change 24h4.03%
24h Low / 24h High$0.000000000399162964


Launched31 Jul 2021
Added31 Jul 2021