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What is Meta Love Coin?

The Meta Love BSC as the name suggests, is the combination between Metaverse and Love.

On our planet, many highly compatible people will never meet, simply because they do not know of the existence of the person with whom they could share their life...

For that reason, we're building Meta Love with the intention that many people can meet and date in the metaverse, and we hope that many of them can find love regardless of where they currently live.

The whole team is working hard to make the match algorithm as accurate as possible so that highly compatible people can be matched and begin to meet.


In our metaverse, once you've "Matched" a highly compatible person with you, you can start chatting right away.

But unlike traditional dating APP's, you can have real dates in the metaverse, such as a date in a luxurious restaurant in the metaverse, or rent a luxury car to pick up your "Match" at their house.

We want that regardless of your physical location on earth. You can live the experience as if you were next to each other.

And if you fall in love in our metaverse, you can also celebrate your wedding, to which we hope to accompany you.

The love of your life may be in our metaverse, do you dare to meet her/ him?

Secret messenger

In our metaverse you will be able to keep the conversations 100% secret, since the messages will be encrypted, and will be exchanged through Smart Contracts, where only you (with your wallet) and the person with whom you are chatting (and their wallet) will be able to see the messages.

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Launched18 Mar 2022
Added20 Mar 2022