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What is MiniSharbi?


MiniSharbi is one of the cutest puppy on Arbitrum blockchain.

By holding MiniSharbi, you get 6% Sharbi rewards, and holding Sharbi, you get USDC rewards. If you missed BabySharbi, then don’t miss MiniSharbi!

🐶 Arbitrum blockchain!

🐶 Lp locked🔒

🐶 Sharbi rewards💰💰

🐶 Safe team✅

🐶 Rewards dashboard📱

🐶 KYCed🆗

Ca: 0xe24015Bf2937359216Fa1dDD6DD5a5a8a6142D9E

Tax: 7/7

3% Sharbi Rewards(buy/sell tx)

2% Liquidity

2% Marketing/Development

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

Max Wallet and Max Tx: 2%

📲 Telegram:

🐦 Twitter:

🌏 Website V1:

📱 Rewards Dashboard: Soon!

Launch date: 9th of April, 19:00 UTC

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Launched09 Apr 2023
Added05 Apr 2023