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What is MATRIX?

After careful study by the board of directors of the parent company (Matrix Group) of the general economic reality and the difficulties encountered in the growth and success of the business

He drew attention to the difficulties experienced by the company’s patients in particular and Arab patients in general when coming for treatment in Turkey in terms of transferring the money needed to perform surgeries, especially major surgeries such as organ transplantation, brain surgery and cancer diseases due to their high cost.

As most Arab countries restrict the movement of money out of the country, forcing patients to pay very high commissions on the black market in order to get the money needed to receive treatment abroad, which creates additional financial burdens on their shoulders, which are already burdened with the high value of the operation.

Which prompted the parent company to issue its digital currency (Matrix) so that it would be an acceptable payment currency in the company for its patients coming for treatment in Turkey

Where the patient loads the value of his operation in his country in the currency (Matrix) and comes to Turkey to pay the value of the operation in the digital currency Matrix without paying any additions or commissions to get the required amount.

Which was very well received by our patients in particular and patients in general, as many patients demanded the implementation of the same mechanism with them when taking out their money for treatment

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