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What is Neo CypherPunk?

Neopunk combines the Cypherpunks' vision, Genesis NFTs, and the thrilling Crypto Revolt P2E NFT card game. Take charge of your digital identity, explore unique NFT collections, and embark on a crypto-fueled gaming adventure.

Neopunk champions privacy, decentralization, and individual empowerment, inspired by the Cypherpunks' movement. Our platform allows secure communication, digital identity ownership, and privacy rights in the digital realm.

Experience the premier NFT collection featuring legendary Cypherpunks and The Establishment they challenged. These meticulously crafted digital masterpieces capture the spirit of rebellion and innovation that defined the Cypherpunk movement.

Prepare for an epic battle in the upcoming Crypto Revolt NFT card game. Join The Neo Cypherpunks as they confront The Establishment in a digital arena. Collect powerful cards, build custom decks, and outsmart opponents using mechanics inspired by blockchain legends.

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Launched14 Jun 2023
Added11 Jun 2023