From inception #Masternoded set out to become the best #passive #income platform on the #Blockchain. To achieve this, we have been fine tuning and simplifying with improved security and transparency existing Defi protocols since 2018. We present users #passive income opportunities overlooked by many through staking, validator nodes, seem-less cross border money transfers, liquidity pools for the most exotic and lucrative crypto pairs and carefully curated blue-chip crypto liquidity pools. We are 100% community owned with over 100k current members.

We have been in the markets since 2018, with an increasing team of o15. We have several corporate partnerships which will be announced in the weeks and months ahead along with our upgraded Masternoded platform. The Masternoded wallet and swap will go operational just after our liquidity event.

We have been on the side of passive income earners for the past five years continually figuring out how to reduce risks and provide a more trusted passive income avenue. Our solution is aimed for both the community and other institutions looking to benefit from our Api's or expertise.

Buying our token will give you unparalled benefits in both utility and passive income. You will become a participant in securing the blockchain by making it ever more decentralised and at the same time enjoying lucrative passive income through Validator nodes, staking, liquidity pools as well as Masternodes.

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Launched27 Aug 2023
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