What is Niron?

- Niron is an Ethereum-based utility token that acts as a bridge between Cryptocurrencies, digital assets, the stock market, and investment in the real estate sector, which will function as a digital version of real estate investment fund (REIF).

- As Niron runs on the Ethereum blockchain, holders can stake their tokens on our DApp and get rewarded with Ethereum. By staking NIRON tokens, you will be eligible to receive dividends as well as redistribution from each transaction.

- Based on a specific token share, owners will receive dividend and redistribution yield through the staking pool. Said so, a holder won't benefit from either revenue source unless they stake their tokens. This way, we limit the number of sellers and increase the number of holdings and buyers.


• 40% Presale

• 60% Listing


• 5% Redistribution

• 5% NIRON

- Stake your tokens for 3 benefits:

1- Receive Ethereum

1- More Ethereum from redistribution

2- Even more Ethereum from dividends

- The more you hold and stake the more Ethereum you can claim.


Non stakers CANT be receiving Ethereum benefit nor distribution as NIRON’s protocol works through the staking pool.

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Launched03 Jul 2021
Added02 Jul 2021